Thursday, April 8, 2010

30pack, Slowmotion Soundz, Baller's Eve, Qualitytime NORWAY

I had the pleasure of traveling to Norway with G-Side this past weekend. These dudes are some of the realest dudes out. honestly some of the most dedicated, motivated, inovative people I have met since teaming up with Baller's Eve at EVR. Thanks for a great time in Norway
interview, g-side
patrick buckley
southern hospitality, baller's eve, slowmotion soundz
baller's eve, southern hospitality, gside
vicking boner
gside, st 2lettaz, clova, slowmotion soundz, block beataz
ballers eve, evr, gside
clova, gside, slowmotion soundz
slowmotion soundz, g-side, qualitytime
g-side, block beataz
kiss eachother
qualitytime, southern hospitality
clova, g-side
dj dirrty, baller's eve, lurker lou
qualitytime, g-side
slowmotion soundz
southern hospitality, gside, clova
dj dirrty, baller's eve, qualitytime
gside, baller's eve, dj dirrty
g-side, ballers eve, southern hospitality uk
30 pack norway
30pack norway
g-side norway
dj giraffo dj dirrty
block beataz, cp, slowmotion soundz
codie g, slowmotion soundz
dj giraffo
slowmotion soundz, baller's eve, g-side
one love
clova, g-side
st 2 lettaz, g-side
chris lee
slowmotion soundz
blockbeataz, slowmotion soundz

1 comment:

Espen said...

Thanks for an awesome night!
Horrible pic of us down by the river tho..