Wednesday, March 17, 2010

vespa bomb brah

jaime reyes
matt kaye, party bus
manute, chris shonting
enid's, justin strubing, krueger, mikemike, pat smithjon newport, joe bouillot, enid'sjeff ricker, kb, dobbin block, enid'sbud I, sweet waste, chris widener, dobbin block, enid's
i bartended a sunday afternoon and this was my crew... seerruckus.
jerry mraz, manute, chris shonting
your local piano man, manute
dqm, pat cook, sweet waste, chris widener
the rage
severely bummed this guy out when I stole his soul 3xs
the rage
straight harassment
alfred stieglitz dick
ya'll ride trains?
1st blood
lurks louger
2 shoe lou
bushwick 2010
bushwick 2010
dj mega hertz, motorcity
bobby digi
fuck what you heard
my friend sean kelling, chris widener my friend too
afro puff
sara glick
aurel schmidt
matt kaye
black dowd
alex Muccilli
born to be nervous
alexandria laporte
fuck you
stack house
james frankhouse
justin strubing, josh dowd
jon newport
road beers
road beers
jackie chain, matt mcginley, chris shonting

instant black outalso known as a instant black out... vespa bomb... happy st patricks day

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